Inara’s Columbo is a long hair exotic. (Double Registered) LHE is the same as a Persian except with the different CFA # Prefix. Persians start with a 0100, 1000, or 3000. LHE start with a 7000 number. He is a Shaded Blue Golden CFA Registered and TICA registered.  Chinchilla Blue Golden Long Hair Exotic (LHE) Male with aqua eyes. CFA #7598-02872886


Inara’s Columbo’s Personality

He is an absolute sweetheart.  He has always loved to play with stuffed animals.  He has his favorite toys and will play fetch.  One of the genetic traits is that his kittens will place toys in the food bowl. 

Columbo’s Good Looks 

Columbo is only a 7 lb. cat but he is very stout.  His conformation is very compact and he feels like a cement block. His head is perfectly round. And the shape of his face and CFA standard is outstanding. 


Personality, great looks, CFA standard and the most sought after blue golden color. 

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