Columbo was imported from Denmark when he was 12 weeks old and was hand delivered by the breeder to San Francisco. Along with his mother, Holiday we started on the breeding journey together.

When Columbo met my son, Fisher it was love at first sight. Even 4 years later, Columbo sleeps on his pillow and steals his stuffies and sometimes gets them all wet in the water dish or puts them in the food dish. LOL. Every morning my son has to hide his pillow so Columbo doesn't steal it and drag it somewhere. He has even sired a few children with a fetching trait.

Columbo is a calm and cool breeder and every QUEEN loves him and his gentle nature. He has never sprayed and very gentle when breeding. He has been to a few CFA shows and has his CFA Championship and grand points towards his grand. Hopefully we will find time to take him out to the shows for 2023.