We have both young kitten being bred and retired adult cats up for adoption.

No we do not exchange or return any other kitten once you have adopted one for the safety of the litter.

There is a wide range of care package supplies available online. However we provide with an assortment of cat care supplies on our website, feel free to check it out.

We have a bunch of kitten who are extremely docile and even tempered. We take pride in the stable temperament of our cats with the environment they grow up in.

Most of our kittens go home at around 12-16 weeks of age with a CA vet check by our holistic vet.

Our kittens have the CA vet check by our holistic vet, up-to-date vaccines, a microchip, a 1-year health guarantee, and a kitten care package, including pet insurance. Parents are FELv and FIV negative and PKD tested negative.

Prices are based on quality and rarity.

Payment for the cat must be provided in the form of cash, Zelle or by Square invoice. The payment shall be made in U.S. currency. The purchaser will pay all travel and shipping expenses.

The kittens are sold with no breeding rights and on a spay/neuter agreement.