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Prettiest Persian Doll Face kittens available in the world!

Our Prettiest Persian kittens are the most sought after, specially being bred on our tucked away 1 acre property in Northern California. As a testament to our commitment to quality, we only select cats with luxurious coats, striking eye-liner, nose-liner, and lip-liner. We have also handpicked our kings and queens from only the most impressive stock around the world in order to best preserve the unique characteristics of these rare Silver Chinchilla, Goldens, and Blue Golden Persians. These sweet little creatures are known for their outstanding temperaments and health - all in the pursuit of creating one of a kind Prettiest Persian Doll Face kittens..


We offer flight nanny services for kittens throughout the US and abroad. This means that we will take care of your kitten during the flight and make sure that it arrives safely. We are flexible with our times and dates so that we can work around your schedule. Let us take the stress out of kitten travel by Contacting us today to learn more about our services.

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Proud of our Dollface Persians, we put tremendous effort into selecting cats with the ideal temperament and health condition. Not to mention their remarkable beauty - all boasting a stunning coat paired divinely with eye liner, nose liner and lip liner! Our King & Queen kitties are sourced from far-reaching places like Russia, Germany & Denmark that carry only the finest pedigree for your purrfect pet pleasure. We promise you won't find better Persian kittens anywhere in the world!

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