Inara’s Prettiest Dollface Persian Kittens

Breeding your Fur-Ever Best Friends

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Breeding For Prettiest Happy Doll Face Persian Kittens available

Above all, we breed for the Prettiest Persian Doll Face kittens for sale in the world. As a result, we breed some of the rarest colors in the Persian breed. The most sought after colors in Persians are the Silver Chinchillas, Goldens and Blue Goldens. We are located in Eureka, California. And reside on a lovely 1 acre property. Our house is covered by redwood trees and lush greenery.

Firstly, our Dollface Persians offer the best temperament and optimal health. That goes hand in hand with spectacular beauty. For example, all of our cats have a lovely coat, eye liner, nose liner and lip liner. Secondly, our Kings and queens have been specifically picked for best qualities from around all the world. We mainly buy imported cats. To clarify, our cats are from Russia, Germany and Denmark. Likewise, bringing you the best Persian kittens in the world.

Breeding For Disposition

Above all, the way that we raise our kittens is similar to how you would raise your children. Doll face Kittens are raised in the bedroom and looked after all day long. Meanwhile, snuggle time and proper socialization is out favorite past time. We offer weekly pictures and baths. Certainly, properly raising your future best friends to the highest standards.

Meanwhile, the main goal is to cater to the everyday PET person. We believe that every dollface kitten has their soul mate in human form. Letting destiny takes its course in making the match of a lifetime. However, we do allow some Prettiest Persian kittens for sale as future breeders to leave our cattery. But, we do not allow breeders unless it is a very special cattery relationship. We can recommend a cattery to meet your needs.

Breeding for Health

Finally, there is a guarantee of the health of all of our kittens. All breeding cats are tested for Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). After that, all kittens are microchipped and come with a health guarantee, negative fecal exam. We also provide update vaccines/shots and pet insurance. Pet insurance is with Tru Companion. So, if you would like to be part of the Prettiest Persian kitten family, just check our availability page.

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