Welcome to the Purr-Fect Persian Cattery in California & British Longhair/Shorthair Kittens $1500+

British Kittens
Persian Kittens

Chinchilla Silver, Golden, Blue Golden & Point Persian Kittens For Sale. Along with DBE, which is Dominant Blue eye gene. BLH & BSH Our kittens start at $1500+ depending on rarity.

Happy Kittens, Happy humans

Happy & Healthy Kittens

Kittens of Prettiest Doll face Persian Kittens are the most sought after because they are specifically being bred for health and temperament first, then beauty.

In the first place, as a testament to our commitment to quality, we only select cats with baby doll personality, rare traits, luxurious coats, striking eye-liner, nose-liner, and lip-liner. However, we have also handpicked our kings and queens from only the most impressive stock around the world in order to best preserve the unique characteristics of these rare Silver Chinchilla, Golden, and Blue Golden Persians.

Equally, these sweet little creatures are known for their outstanding temperaments and health – all in the pursuit of creating one of a kind Prettiest Persian Doll Face kittens.

Why choose us?

29+ years with breeding animals

Experience with breeding, showing and training many species of animals, including exotics.

Best Breeds in the World

Also, for breeding we have hand selected cats that are best of the best to assure that we meet all standards.

Raised in the bedroom with love

In addition, the first breath of their lives are in our arms, which in turn makes for the most loveable pets ever!

Family operated

Prettiest Kittens is carefully watched over by every family member, parent, child, puppy and cats.

CFA/TICA/WCF standards

All our kittens are bred to clear through all the CFA/TICA/WCF standards.


Not to mention, we only use the best veterinarians and have the best team to help us every step of the way. From vet checks to vaccinations, our holistic vet is there for us.




Northern CA serving all of California locations.  Specialized delivery to Los Angeles/San Diego area and San Francisco Bay Area along with Sacramento and San Jose. We also deliver to all 50 states in person by us. 
Persian & British Kittens


  • Persian 
  • British Shorthair
  • British Longhair

We have multiple payment options, that include:

  • Personal Check
  • Zelle
  • Apple Pay
  • Credit Card

Basic deposit is $500.

Yes, you can. All you will need to do is sign the promise to spay/neuter paper work and read over our health guarantee and place a deposit.

We can set us a lunch date on a weekend after their first set of vaccines or we can Facetime anytime that is best for you.