About us

We are the ONLY cattery that offers a LIFETIME Health Guarantee against life threatening congenital defects. (you will get a signed document with the lifetime health guarantee which is activated by your pets vet exam within 5 business days of you receiving your baby)

Who We Are

Welcome to Prettiest Kittens, nestled in the heart of Northern California’s Humboldt County – where our family passion blossoms into the nurturing of the most delightful feline friends, ready to add a sprinkle of joy to your home.

Our extensive expertise isn’t just rooted in kittens. As certified equine appraisers and John Lyons Certified Horse Trainers, alongside being seasoned dog trainers and exotic animal rehabilitation maestros, we encompass a broad spectrum of knowledge in all animal care. Our dedication gleams through as we commit ourselves to delivering only top-tier pets, complete with heartfelt advice that ensures their well-being.

Embracing new pet owners into the Prettiest Kittens family is one of our joys. We offer personalized mentorship, empowering you with the finesse of feline grooming techniques and the essentials of nourishment that will keep your kitten thriving with vitality.

Each Furr-Ever kitten from our loving abode embarks on a journey to their new forever home, health-checked, fully vaccinated, and gifted with a complimentary month of TruCompanion pet health insurance – a testament to our promise of everlasting care.

If you’re taking your first leap into the world of pets, allow us to sweeten the experience. Here’s an exclusive 30% off coupon for your initial Chewy purchase! Revel in the love that only a pet can pour into your life.

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About Us

We present to you the very best of the feline world.

We present to you the very best of the feline world.​
About Our Cats

About Our Cats

Our charming Persian fur babies boast a palette of the most enchanting coat shades complemented by mesmerizing eyes, all shimmering with wholesomeness thanks to the nurturing surroundings that allow their personalities to blossom beautifully—we never confine them to cages.

Imagine a serene haven, our sun-kissed patio brimming with freedom; this is where our feline darlings bask in the warm embrace of sunlight, safely shielded from the world’s perils. It’s our little paradise where we tenderly uncover each kitten’s unique quirks, ensuring a seamless union with a loving forever home that echoes their spirit.

Each of our kittens is a paragon of TICA excellence, ensuring that when one of these precious souls finds its way to your heart, it comes with the promise of a felicitous upbringing steeped in affection and gentle care. In the quest for an adorable new family member, we joyfully extend our hands as your guides to a fur companion that will sprinkle your days with delight and elegance.

Our History


As a hobby breeder, in the past we have bred horses, miniature Jersey cows, Rottweilers and Dobermans along with many other animal species, but our passion for cats began over 15 years ago when we adopted our first show cat, who later had several offspring that have gone on to win many awards at shows around the world.

Since then, Prettiest Kitten has become a top breeder of quality cats, thanks in part to the main show cats that serve as the foundation of our breeding program.

Our History
Pet Grooming - Emma

Pet Grooming

Prettiest Kittens has a pet grooming salon too! 

It is a perfect pit stop for your pet in town where we offer services such as nail trimming, baths, haircuts, animal photography, and teeth brushing.

Our commitment is not only focused on providing you with an exceptional pet but also on providing ongoing customer service support so that you can continue enjoying your cat for many years to come!