Inara’s Prettiest Kittens presents Rossi. He is a chinchilla silver Persian male with aquamarine eye color. Rossi is imported from Russia. He is CFA registered #3032-02862695 PKD negative FeLV/FIV negative. Now this man is a true cuddle bug. He will come to you when you call for him and loves to be picked up. He is easy to groom and her sweet demeanor is passed on to his children. Some of his babies start making muffins at 3 weeks and chirp like him.

Outstanding Persian Personality Our chinchilla golden Persian, Golden Ray Patrik is the sweetest cat we have ever met. He chirps at you and wants to be held. Also, he wants to be cuddled in your lap. Not, only is color spectacular, but his personality is the best. For his kittens, check kitten availability.

CFA #3070-02955764 Felv/FIV negative.

BLH Ay12 Chinchilla Blue Golden Longhair with green eyes.

Rasha is a very rare and sought-after color in the British world. He came from Russia and chirps constantly. He loves to follow you around and sit on your lap while you are trying to work. He is so gentle with the girls and has never done anything wrong. His coat is actually thick and fuller than my Persians so he requires a lot of grooming. The color is to die for and he is a once-in-a-lifetime cat!