Theodora is a Chinchilla Blue Golden Persian, imported in from France. She is from Golden Ray cattery and is an excellent mother, sweet disposition and easy to breed and birth. Her kind hearted personality is genetic trait that we are so lucky to have. She carries the gene that makes over 2/3’s of her kittens chinchilla in color and the other 1/3 is very lightly shaded. Her predominance to produce chinchilla is a very hard trait to find. A true DIAMOND.

Buttercup was the first cat that was born to our cattery and that we kept. Her father was of Dearheart lines from Powderpuff Persians and her mom, Paris was from Dalee Gummi Bear and a L’DearHeart. She was 1 of 3 kittens and was the largest and most robust kitten we had had in the beginning. So we named her Butters, the butter ball. As she grew up she matured into a gorgeous cat so she earned the name “Buttercup.”
She has been the best cat and producer of our cattery and is now spayed and retiring to West Hollywood after her litter is weaned. She is a chinchilla silver that throw really good liner and playful disposition. She passes on ability to have kitten with ease and to be a perfect mommy.
She will always be the #1 queen of my cattery. We have kept back a special girl from her to continue her bloodlines in excellent health.

Shaded Golden Persian carrying blue golden.

Emma is born from blue golden BRETTACHTAL’S LEGEND and SMARAGDTEMPL SAYONARA. She is a shaded golden and was born here to our cattery. My son fell in love with her and calls her Emma Stone. She is a fabulous mother and needs no assistance in birthing. Below are pictures of her, her as a younger kitten and her father and a couple pictures of her past kittens. 

BSH Chinchilla Blue Golden Shorthair British ay12.

Our close friend Pei allowed us to have this dream girl, Esmaraldus Kamila of Creamtofu. We call her “Britt, Britt. She is the absolute most beautiful BSH I have ever seen. She has been shown and loved to the highest standards. She is spoiled rotten and her intelligence level is off the chart.
She uses her hands to open doors, scratch to open the door and her skills as a mommy is crazy. She uses her hands to helps her babies find milk and keep them cuddled next to her. She makes birthing and raising kittens look easy. She is one of the most sought after colors in the British breed and she will remain with us indefinitely. My true love.
Thank you so much, Pei!

Lightly Shaded Silver Persian with green eyes. Prissy is so special. Her parents were Buttercup and Buttons and she has turned out just stunning. Her sibling is pretty but in my opinion, she has the best liner and the prettiest expression. Her personality is super smart and definitely into opening doors and playing tag with you even when you have no idea she is playing. She totally comes when you call her name and she is very well trained in the word, “CHICKEN.”  We waited until she was a year and a half before she had her first amazing litter! She carries the golden gene and produced a chinchilla golden first litter.