Lightly Shaded Silver Persian She is available for Adoption at $600, the cost of the spay, updated rabies vaccine and vaccines.​

Buttercup was the first cat that was born to our cattery and that we kept. Her father was of Dearheart lines from Powderpuff Persians and her mom, Paris was from Dalee Gummi Bear and a L’DearHeart. She was 1 of 3 kittens and was the largest and most robust kitten we had had in the beginning. So we named her Butters, the butter ball. As she grew up she matured into a gorgeous cat so she earned the name “Buttercup.”
She has been the best cat and producer of our cattery and is now spayed and retiring to West Hollywood after her litter is weaned. She is a chinchilla silver that throw really good liner and playful disposition. She passes on ability to have kitten with ease and to be a perfect mommy.
She will always be the #1 queen of my cattery. We have kept back a special girl from her to continue her bloodlines in excellent health.