British Longhair

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Silver, Golden, Blue Goldens and Point BLH & BSH

We are so proud to have gorgeous British Longhair and British Shorthairs. Litters expecting ANY DAY NOW!!!
Nationwide Delivery Available by us in person (varies by location)

Snowy (Golden Point) & Cosmo (Chinchilla Siler (Carrying Point)

BLH British Longhair Picasso is under cattery observation as a future breeder. ($4000) He is considered a Sunshine color. nv 12

Brittany (Chinchilla Blue Golden) & Rasha (Chinchilla Blue Golden)

en Vogue Shaded Silver British Shorthair ns11 BSH $3500

We are so proud to be presenting British Longhair kittens this year!


The British Shorthairs and British Longhairs are one of the most wonderful breeds that I have ever known and had the privilege to work with. They have an outgoing personality and really are more like a dog than a cat. They are very intelligent and are little clowns around the house. Persians are more of a lazy breed and the British are more interactive. Both the Persians and the British love family. I have noticed that the British absolutely love children.

We will post and update pictures for everyone as we take more pictures and make them their own special pages.


Fur-ever friend

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Prices are based on quality and rarity. We are now delivering our kittens and retired adults to you personally by either plane or to your front door so you can meet us in person if you need help setting up for your new best friend. There is a small delivery fee involved, depending on your location; so when you call make sure that you ask.

Inara’s Prettiest kittens take the best of both worlds, the doll-face Persian Kittens and extreme (Persian standard), AKA squishy-face Persian kittens. We are slowly introducing British Shorthair/Longhair. They are the most amazing dog-like personalities. We strive to breed only the healthiest kittens and are proud to say that our kittens have minimal tearing. Most of our kittens go home at around 12-16 weeks of age with a CA vet check by our holistic vet, up-to-date vaccines, lifetime health guarantee, and a kitten care package, including pet insurance. 

Parents are FELv and FIV negative and PKD tested negative. You may contact Patrick and Lynn at (707) 683–2287 for additional information.