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Esmaraldus Kamila

Esmaraldus Kamila

Esmaraldus Kamila of Creamtofu

BSH Chinchilla Blue Golden Shorthair British ay12

Our close friend Pei allowed us to have this dream girl, Esmaraldus Kamila of Creamtofu. We call her “Britt, Britt. She is the absolute most beautiful BSH I have ever seen. She has been shown and loved to the highest standards. She is spoiled rotten and her intelligence level is off the chart.
She uses her hands to open doors, scratches to open the door, and her skills as a mommy are crazy. She uses her hands to help her babies find milk and keep them cuddled next to her. She makes birthing and raising kittens look easy. She is one of the most sought-after colors in the British breed and she will remain with us indefinitely. My true love.
Thank you so much, Pei!

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