Inara's Prettiest Persian kittens.


We are a small hobby breeder set right next to the ocean surrounded by the largest Redwood trees in Northern CA, Humboldt County.

Our community has a small town feel, where everyone knows everyone, but also a fast growing city. In the past we have bred horses, miniature Jersey cows, Rottweilers and Dobermans along with many other animal species. Attending many educational events in life we are very adept to picking the highest quality specimens of animals and still maintaining their looks, health, longevity and most of all temperament.

Certified in the past as equine appraisers, John Lyons Certified Horse Trainer, Dog Trainer, expert in exotic animal rehabilitation, and animal behaviorist we present to you the very best of the feline world.

About Us

We understand the importance of providing an enriching environment for our cats and kittens, which is why we believe in raising them underfoot and not caging them. Our Persian kittens have the most beautiful and striking coat colors, ranging from silver to golden and blue-golden. We also place a great emphasis on their eyes having the best colors, and giving them a puppy-dog like personality.

We take every step necessary to ensure that our Persian kittens meet or exceed CFA/TICA standards. We're passionate about providing exceptional temperaments through socialization, starting from us and our family, followed by our small pet dog and 11 year old son. When you adopt one of our Persian kittens, you can rest assured that it was raised in a safe and kitten-friendly environment with plenty of love and attention. We look forward to helping you find the perfect addition to your family!

Welcome to our cattery!

We are a family-owned and operated business dedicated to producing consistently outstanding cats as forever pets. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality of pets, along with expert advice on their care. Our passion for cats began over 15 years ago when we adopted our first show cat, who later had several offspring that have gone on to win many awards at shows around the world. Since then, our cattery has become a top breeder of quality cats, thanks in part to the main show cats that serve as the foundation of our breeding program.

We take pride in offering mentoring and support designed to help new pet owners properly care for their cats. This includes teaching them how to properly groom their cat’s eyes, ears, and coat; and also how to maintain healthy nutrition for optimal health. We always send our kittens home fully vaccinated, health checked and with a months free pet health insurance by TruCompanion.

In addition, we own an enclosed patio which allows all of our cats to enjoy the sunshine without having to worry about escape or harm from predators. Our son handles both males and females during this time, allowing us to observe each individual's personality traits so that we can match them up with a forever home best suited for them. We even have a pet grooming salon in town that offers services such as nail trimming, baths, haircuts, animal photography, and teeth brushing. Our commitment is not only focused on providing you with an exceptional pet but also on providing ongoing customer service support so that you can continue enjoying your cat for many years to come!

Best Pet Salon in Humboldt County 2021/2022