Inara’s Prettiest kittens take the best of both worlds, the doll-face Persian Kittens and extreme (Persian standard), AKA squishy face Persian kittens. We are slowly introducing British Shorthair/Longhair. They are the most amazing dog like personalities. We strive to breed only the healthiest kittens and are proud to say that our kittens have minimal tearing. Most of our kittens go home at around 11-12 weeks of age with a CA vet check by our holistic vet, up-to-date vaccines, a 1-year health guarantee, and a kitten care package, including pet insurance. Parents are FELv and FIV negative and PKD tested negative. You may contact Lynn or Patrick at (707) 683–2287 for additional information.


If you are interested in one of our kittens, please complete the Kitten Application Form. Prices are based on quality and rarity. In the nursery: See our brand new golden and silver babies!

Inara's Priscilla X Snow Dream Rossi

Our cattery born, Priscilla and Snow Dream Rossi have made the most beautiful kittens. This is Prissy's first litter and we are so proud of her. She had 4 stunning kittens! 1 silver chinchilla girl, 1 golden chinchilla girl and 2 silver boys. One chinchilla silver and one lightly shaded. They are already eating raw and are plump!

As with all the litters that Snow Dream Rossi sires, he really puts lovely class into all his kittens. His eye color is dominate and the kittens will have pretty green eyes. Having a sire such as him we can always expect more beautiful kittens because his genetics are dominant.

Silver Chinchilla boy and lightly shaded boy AVAILABLE. Both girls are reserved.


Chinchilla Silver Boy AVAILABLE $2000


Lightly shaded Boy $2000 AVAILABLE

3 Beauties were born to our first time mom, Elsa, a shaded Blue Golden. The birth was easy and she is an absolutely dedicated mother. For a first time mom it was purely instinct that she inherited from her mother Sayna. We are so please with the babies!

Father is our Chinchilla Golden Golden Ray Patrik from France and Inara's Elsa.

2 Chinchilla Blue Golden Girls AVAILABLE ($3500) and 1 Blue Golden Boy AVAILABLE ($3000)

This is Inara Ariel's last litter. She is now spayed and will be available in a few months as a retired adult. These 2 extra large kittens are so fat and healthy. Both girls, she gave birth to a doll face golden and an extreme face blue golden.

These diamonds are so special and we are watching them closely for their development. The blue girl, DIAMOND may possible be held back for showing and breeding.

Golden Girl is RESERVED and Blue Golden Girl AVAILABLE ($5000)

Sophia is a British Longhair, BLH. Chinchilla Blue Golden Ay12

Both of her parents are Ay12 and the shade of Chinchilla Blue Golden is very sought after and is considered very rare. British has a personality, more like a puppy and often very vocal. "Sophia" has been overly intelligent since she was 3 weeks old and was potty trained almost instantly. She comes to her name and you can call her from across the house and she will come racing into the kitchen. If anyone loves to train cats for cute tricks, she is definitely that special kitten.

She is under observations as a future queen or as a pet. ($5000)