Inara’s Prettiest kittens take the best of both worlds, the dollface Persian Kittens and extreme (Persian standard), AKA squishy face Persian kittens. We strive to breed only the healthiest kittens and are proud to say that our kittens have minimal tearing. Most of our kittens go home at around 12-16 weeks of age with a CA vet check by our holistic vet, up-to-date vaccines, a 1-year health guarantee, and a kitten care package, including pet insurance. Parents are FELv and FIV negative and PKD tested negative. You may contact Lynn or Patrick at (707) 683–2287 for additional information.


If you are interested in one of our kittens, please complete the Kitten Application Form. Prices are based on quality and rarity. In the nursery: See our brand new golden and silver babies!

The available ones are Tommy, Arthur and Max. Tommy is in the first picture and has an overly chunky face to match his ever so sweet personality. Since he was 2 weeks old he has wanted to sit in our laps. Arthur is the pretty dollface in the second picture and is very striking in appearance. Max is the second largest in the litter and will make a gorgeous addition to anyone that treasures the color of the blue golden. All are deep and rich in blue color except for Mirabelle, the light colored female. Mirabelle is super outgoing and has a meow that beckons us to come play whenever she hears our voices. These babies will all be lap cats. Every single day they run to you, not away from you.
These long awaited for kittens are from my best silver, Buttercup and Russian Import Rossi. The absolute best from the doll face realm. They both have super strong liner, therefore so will the kittens. I am so excited to see their eye color come in and the temperament is super chill like the daddy. Check back weekly or updated pictures.