Kitten Application

As soon as possible. (Please note: If the kitten is ready to go we only hold them for a period of 7 days once the deposit is placed. We do not hold kittens without a deposit.)
The phone is the best way.
Kittens must be 2.5 pounds before leaving our nursery. Sorry, no exceptions. Boarding Fees - You have a period of 12 days to pick up your kitten once you have purchased them and agreed upon a time for pickup. (If they are old enough to leave.) after that point, boarding charges will begin to apply. $100 for the first week - $100 for the second week This charge is for general care, food, litter, grooming, and vaccinations if age-appropriate. I'm sorry, we do not board kittens old enough to leave longer than two weeks. Please check back with us when the timing is better to add a kitten to your family. Kittens will remain available unless a $500 Pet/ $1500 Breeder non-refundable deposit is placed on them. Verbal promises of any type will not hold/reserve an available kitten. All deposits are taken in good faith and are non-refundable unless we refuse the sale/adoption. (The deposit goes for lost advertising time while the kitten is marked RESERVED, per your word/deposit). We reserve the right to refuse sale. (We are not a pet store.) We reserve the right to cancel the sale if at any time prior to the kitten leaving our nursery we determine that the placement of the kitten with the purchaser will be harmful to the kitten or decide it is not a good match for the kitten. All monies paid towards the purchase price of the kitten will, of course, be refunded to the purchaser if we cancel a contract under this clause. We do not guarantee adult eye color or adult weight but will give you an honest estimate. This website generates a large amount of traffic. We are always more than happy to speak with you on the phone but ask that you understand it must be at a time that is convenient for us as we are working around the time schedules of our children and all of our kitties who pretty much call the shots around here. Thank you in advance for your understanding. We do not have kittens available in any other state. We are located in Eureka, CA. All kittens pictured on this website were born, bred, and raised here. If you see our kittens listed for sale in any other state, it is a scam. They have taken the photos without our consent. The ONLY place to buy our kittens is in Northern CA. The Purchasing Process Once you have selected your dream kitten or kittens, you will need to fill out the online kitten application; if approved, we will send you an invoice to secure that kitten. This holding deposit is non-refundable and takes the kitten off the market for any additional customers. It holds your kitten for 48 hours, of which you have to pay the remaining balance via bank wire transfer or cashier's check. (Cashier's check must be mailed in ten days prior to picking up your kitten.) The kitten must be paid in full prior to leaving our home. We do not deliver kittens to the airport for customers to pay in cash. If you are paying in cash, your kitten must be picked up here in Eureka, CA. The holding deposit for clients paying in cash is $500. This deposit is also non-refundable. Once your deposit is paid, we will set up your contract and send that to you via email. Zelle instructions are on the contract.

Attention Breeders wanting a kitten.

We take the responsibilty of mentoring breeders very seriously. Being there for a breeder through the ups and downs of breeding is a dedication of love and education through experience.  From helping you set up your photography studio, to raw food diets for your kings and queens; we are here for you. We can also help you network with other breeders to find compatible bloodlines. 

Breeding kittens that meet our criteria for breeding are as follows: Persians start at $5500 and British start at $8000.