Golden Ray Theodora - Chinchilla Blue Golden Persian

Theodora was imported from France from Maja at Golden Ray cattery. Her bloodlines are known for her gentle disposition and her brilliant chinchilla color. She has some of the lightest chinchillas goldens, blue goldens, and silvers in the world. When I say gentle disposition, I mean that her cats will sit on your lap and lick you for hours. And they get upset if you get up and leave them. They will chase you and run in front of you until you pick them up again.

Theo is the lightest blue golden that I have ever seen and her eye color has greatly deepened with age. Her coat is super fine and she loves to be combed. She is easy in the bathtub and doesn’t mind the blow dryer as long as she is in your lap.

She comes into heat usually once a year and does everything for me, so she is a once-in-a-lifetime Persian. Color, looks, disposition, and easy to breed and birth. She has a few children that have gone on to be excellent breeders, passing down the need to clean you and be cuddled.